Church Buildings – Advantages and Limitations

The advantages of church buildings are rather obvious.  Church buildings provide advertisement.  They give us a sense of presence in the community.  Here is where the Lord’s church in this community meets for worship, fellowship and Bible study.  These buildings also provide important space.  Space for assemblies, Bible study, fellowship, good works and storage is needed.  The world is not going to provide the space for us.  So, we must plan and spend in view of these needs.

Likewise, one can easily see certain limitations of church buildings.  A church building cannot take action.  It cannot worship, serve, study, share or teach God’s word.  It cannot provide the money necessary to support gospel teaching or to send missionaries into the world.  It cannot take food to the needy, pick up children for Bible school or speak an encouraging word.

It is exciting to see a new church building.  Yet, regardless of where a congregation meets to assemble – new building, old building, rented building, hotel lobby, school house or someone’s home – the most important idea to remember is:  it is the Lord’s people who follow Him, serve Him, worship Him, do His work and share His love.