Only Twenty Percent

Recently, the U.S. Senate voted to keep funding Planned Parenthood (538 million dollars a year).  In short, Planned Parenthood is an organization that facilitates women obtaining abortions.  There is also ample evidence that this organization sells baby body parts (barbaric as that sounds).  Congress had the opportunity to defund Planned Parenthood, but voted not to so do.  In the Senate, 78 voted to keep funding the organization and only 20 voted against it, while two elected to not vote at all.

It is a dark world and a dark day.  Only 20% voted against an evil that is, at best, unspeakable.  And, I honestly don’t know what to say.  We can show that abortion is wrong and that such practices have a tragic impact upon society, not to mention the eternal damnation awaiting those who carry out such acts or approve of them.  For now, we must admit that we are a nation who has lost its way.  We can no longer make a moral judgment.  There is no courage.

If we are going to reflect upon what the righteous can do, it begins and ends with courage.  Without courage, nothing else matters.  We are sick of excuses.  Either we stand with God and speak or we stand with Satan and fail.  Peter and John said, “…we cannot but speak” (Acts 4:20).  Paul says, “….we believe and so we speak” (2 Cor.4:13).  Up till now, most righteous people have been too afraid of the costs of standing with the Lord.  We are scared we will be tagged as “intolerant” or “radical;” or that we will lose time, money, convenience, status or pleasure.  Will there be courage?   Or, will we be lost?