What To Expect

If you choose to join us for assembly, some of the following would be included among your experiences:

  • You’ll receive a prompt, outgoing, and warm welcome by members of the Midway family.
  • Congregational singing, Lord’s Supper, prayer, contribution, and a lesson from God’s Word comprise our worship. Church members partake of the Lord’s Supper and give of their prosperity every Sunday morning worship service. The opportunity to do both exists on Sunday evening as well. Visitors are not expected to contribute financially to the Lord’s work at Midway. Vital church-related announcements are also made during our assemblies.
  • A family-oriented environment and casual atmosphere help cultivate New Testament fellowship both before and after worship.
  • Bible classes are founded upon the text of the Bible; classes emphasize discussion, critical thinking, and overall enrichment through the Word of God.
  • We also hope that you’ll join us on future dates as we assemble to worship our God and encourage one another.