Following biblical teaching, the Midway Church of Christ looks to Jesus Christ as its head. Since Christ is the Head and Leads Our Church, why do we have Elders? Everything that we do must meet His approval through His Holy Scriptures. This includes the way we organize our leadership and as pointed out in Titus 1:5, we are directed to appoint Elders.

To facilitate the work of the church and accomplish our mission, we must depend upon the efforts of individual Christians who serve in various ways. Members of the Midway Church of Christ have appointed the following men who we believe fit the qualifications outlined in Titus 1:6-9, to be our Elders (or “shepherds”). As such, they oversee the spirituality of the congregation. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful group of men with whom we entrust the direction, the care, and the growth of our church family.

Sam Scott

Nathan Lee

Brent James

Roger Thomas

Harry James